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This report will offer detailed analysis of market visibility and performance as of April 2016 and contrast this with the findings highlighted in our autumn 2015 publication, which if need be you can access by clicking here.

The findings of our 2015 report revealed that many traditional banking brands were struggling for visibility against the price comparison and advice websites.  Our spring 2016 update revisits the organic search market to see how, if at all, the competition has responded.

Download your copy to find out:

  • Who is the most dominant brand in the marketplace.
  • How your brand ranks within the highly competitive finance keyword market.
  • Which brand holds the highest click share and how they are achieving it.
  • A detailed analysis of your customer’s search journey.
  • Who has remained and who has dropped out of our organic visibility ranking. 
  • The key recommendations for how your brand can achieve SEO excellence.