Why remove or disavow links?

Once you have undertaken a backlink audit to identify any underlying issues in your backlink profile, the crucial next step for addressing any bad links is the removal and/or disavow of said links.

The disavow links tool was introduced by Google in October 2013, following their rollout of Penguin in 2012, as a means for webmasters to ask Google to disregard certain links within their backlink profile when evaluating their site so they won’t be counted against them. This essentially offers you the ability to tell Google to ignore links which may have been built in the past in violation to their webmaster guidelines.

Google does however recommend that the disavow links tool be used only after you have tried to remove as many such links as possible in the first instance, so time should be spent trying to remove bad links first where removal might be feasible.

Link removal is of particular importance if you already have a manual action penalty in place as purely disavowing links in this situation is not enough to warrant the removal of the penalty.

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How we approach link removal & disavow

In order to decide which links need removing or disavowing you first need to undertake a full audit of your backlink profile.

Our backlink audit process uses our bespoke link analysis tool to assess each link algorithmically, in conjunction with manual review from our in-house SEO experts as required, to establish the risk of each link and site. This allows us to accurately determine whether a link is safe or should be targeted for removal & disavow, whilst ensuring links aren’t unnecessarily removed or disavowed to retain authority.

Once a list is established for removal we use data from our own Web CRM combined with years of expertise in outreach to efficiently and professionally reach out to the relevant site owners for a greater chance of removal success, while remaining conscious of protection of brand image.

Stickyeyes will then compile a final disavow file following the correct syntax to be submitted to Google, reflective of the outcome of the link audit and removals process including a categorised list of links and domains to be disavowed.

If this is part of a manual action penalty removal the link removal and disavow process will be accompanied by detailed supporting documentation alongside a tailored reconsideration request to detail the extent of effort undertaken to Google.

Link removal & disavow expertise

The accuracy of our combined manual & data-led link profile classifications coupled with our years of expertise handling link removals and disavow submissions makes our approach second-to-none in terms of accuracy and effectiveness.

This is why some of the world’s leading brands come to us for link removal solutions, whether as proactive risk mitigation or as part of a penalty recovery process, we can ensure your link profile is in top shape and your organic performance isn’t suffering as a result.

You can read more about this process in practice with our SEO penalty removal case study, and if you’re looking to clean up your link profile get in touch today.