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Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

Digital marketing has had to adapt to the mobile first approach the primary method of consumption for digital content and establishes its importance within a digital world. Mobile SEO is a fundamental approach to make your content accessible to customers within the competitive search landscape, brands need to consider how they interact with customers that are constantly connected.

Engaging with your audience has become much more than words on a page, you need to interact with your customers across mobile and tablet devices considering each of the digital touchpoints and how they fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Developing a mobile-friendly website has never been more important for an organisation to improve web presence and with search engines algorithms adapting to the mobile web, the need to future proof your website is now in the present.

Mobile & Tablet SEO Fundamentals

The rise of voice search

Mobile devices are becoming more integrated with users on a personal level with the adoption of personal assistants like Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Now.

With the convergence of voice and search, discovering content has never been so personal and brands are often failing to adapt, not only in the search landscape but in the way customers seek content and behave in the digital world.

Delivering content in the form of structured well-defined formats for search engines of all types has become a deciding factor to digital success and modern SEO has become much more than just the  keywords you optimise for. You need to consider customer behaviour, device and search type on each stage of customer’s digital journey.

Mobile Search Experts

Stickyeyes has been at the forefront of mobile marketing and became the first digital agency in the UK to be accredited by the Mobile Marketing Association. As an award winning agency we have are privileged to develop full search strategies for brands such as Tesco Bank, Hertz, GlaxoSmithKline and Staples.

Making big strides for On Stride Financial

Achieving immediate success in one of the most competitive markets search engine markets in the world.

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