What is Google Penguin

First launched in April 2012, Google’s Penguin algorithm was designed to detect unnatural link profiles, particularly those that were the result of paid or heavily engineered links.

A Google Penguin penalty is particularly painful for brands, as the results of any recovery work are not realised until the next Penguin refresh. This has left some brands out of the search results for up to a year at a time.

The most recent edition of this algorithm is widely known as Penguin 3.1 however Google have made a few unconfirmed updates and have eluded to this algorithm been updated and ran on a more regular basis.

How we can help you recover from Penguin

Unlike a manual action penalty which puts you in direct contact with a member of Google’s webspam team the removal of a Google Penguin penalty is purely algorithmic based and recovery is only achievable when Google refreshes and re-runs this algorithm, that is providing you’ve given Google enough information about your link profile for them to remove the link penalty from your website.

This is where things can get a bit tricky… You may only be aware of only a handful of links that point to your website whereas Google has information on millions of websites within its index. And although you’ve submitted your website to Google’s Search Console tool they still won’t give you all the link data they have against your website. If you discount the wrong links your websites rankings could suffer even more!

This is where we can help you recover from your Penguin penalty.

We can provide you with a much larger link profile dataset, we will also manually classify your entire link profile ensuring that Google only discounts links that are harmful to your website ensuring that Google continues to use any links that are still passing value on to you.

Our Google Penguin penalty removal & recovery process

Our typical process for any Google Penguin penalty removal and recovery is to first gather as much data on your link profile as possible. This could run up into 1,000’s of links that you didn’t even know pointed at your website.

Once we have this data we next need to perform a full backlink profile audit, this involves us manually reviewing every linking URL and domain that points to your website an classifying each item on a scale of toxicity. Anything we deem to be harmful to your website which can’t be removed is added to your disavow file and submitted to Google’s Penguin algorithm via your Google Search Console account.

Once you’ve gone through this whole link penalty process and you start to see your rankings and traffic improve you will next need to look to promote your website using ethical methods that engage with other websites and don’t break Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Read our penalty removal case study and if you need help with recovering from a Google Penguin penalty  speak to one of our experts today.