Why it's imperative to have an SEO strategy in place

An SEO strategy is not a one-off technical audit or a series of link building campaigns but a bespoke combination of those and more specific elements required to deliver specific objectives.

Every site is different, that’s why it’s imperative that a tailored strategy is deployed for your site that takes into consideration all variables such as objectives, targets, site history, wider-marketing objectives and initiatives and as well as much more.

Often SEO strategies become lost with the influx of day-to-day tasks and projects which is why it’s important that the overall objectives remain at the forefront of any SEO strategy.

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Our approach to defining SEO strategies

Whether it’s strategic consultancy or an all-encompassing strategy you require we have an experienced and well-versed team of specialists dedicated to providing solutions to SEO challenges.

Our expanding solutions team is made-up of 10+ industry experts specialising in their own field who liaise with our dedicated delivery teams to ensure that any new and existing clients go through our robust review giving an overview of the market, an outline of where the focus should lie and a long-term strategy of what needs to be done to reach targets.

For most clients this process is often compiled initially during the pitching stages and completed post on-boarding, every quarter this is reviewed to ensure that the client’s goals are being met by delivering what the strategy set out from the start.

For other clients our expertise in this area is used to define a strategy which is then delivered by the client’s internal teams rather than the Stickyeyes team. This is often the case with clients who have large internal SEO teams or when clients have a centralised SEO team with sites spanning across multiple territories.

Search strategy specialists

We have delivered successful SEO strategies for many brands locally and internationally. Want to learn more? View our case studies to see how we’ve helped other brands on their link deployment campaigns.