Monitoring organic rankings

Named precisely after what it does, our organic ranking tool monitors and reports on the search engine ranking performance of all our client’s keywords (and all their competitors). Built to perform enterprise level ranking analysis for hundreds of thousands of keywords, our vast SERP tracking system’s databases date back to 2010, while live data can be requested on-the-fly.

Precise ranking tracking

Rankings can be tailored to track data for any search location (country or city), allowing a user to see how well a term performs in a specific location (i.e. ‘cars’ in the location Leeds vs. the term ‘cars in Leeds’). For our international SEO clients we use this data to provide an extremely comprehensive view of the market landscape across each of their core territories.

In addition our systems track and store detailed information about the SERP result structure, including the title tags and descriptions which were displayed over time. This allows us to dive in to specific details about how Google is changing user engagement, new features they are introducing and also how client’s competitors are adapting their SEO strategy.

Measuring your SEO performance

When it comes to measuring a site’s organic search performance, rankings at the heart of that. The ability to measure shifts in the SERPs, understand what has changed and proactively adapt the strategy are fundamental to staying on top of your competitors.

Our organic ranking tool’s data pushes directly in to our SEO data dashboards to provide immediate insight in to performance changes. We look at everything from raw granular rankings, right through to weighted averages of core terms, top rankings terms and the overall landscape.