Understanding search proficiency

To simplify the ability to understand where a brand sits within the organic marketplace we have devised a scoring methodology that gives a top-level overview of a site’s performance across the core pillars of SEO. By isolating these overriding ranking factors, as noted below, we can quickly understand a brands organic position against the key ranking competitors.

  1. We create a blended measure of the quality and quantity of sources that link and reference the brand online, giving an overall authority score.
  2. Our bespoke algorithm provides data on the relevancy and the depth of content within a site.
  3. Using a combination of on-page and user engagement factors we can understand how well a site engages it users.
  4. A representative score of a brand’s visibility across the leading social networks.

behind our proficiency scoring

As with all our technology we complement our in-house data with specialist data sources in order to maximise the accuracy of our dataset, including Moz, Alexa, Google, Search Metrics and various social channels.

Our content scoring algorithm uses our proprietary content optimisation tool. By utilising a wide set of organic target terms related to a competitive space we can quickly understand the strength of a site’s content. We also analyse bounce rates and the time users spend engaging with that content to quantify an engagement score.

Socially, we measure liking and sharing of a brand’s content, as well as the site’s URLs, and weight the depending on the influence of the social network.

Closing the competitive gaps

By benchmarking against key competitors and continuing to measure month-on-month changes we not only outline a strong, data-driven strategy from the outset, but also have the ability to proactively adapt strategy based on real competitor data. Is a market is being dominated by big brands with huge levels of authority or are sites using social and content to establish a foothold in the marketplace?

By quickly identifying specific or multiple areas of a brand’s weakness, we know where to focus budget in the short-term to maximise performance impact