SEO site audits

Technical SEO can often be one of the most overlooked opportunities that can offer the biggest return on investment.

A website’s performance in the SERPs can be affected by how easily a search engine can crawl (i.e. look at, or scan) the pages contained within the site. If search engines experience problems accessing the pages of your website, then those pages may not be indexed or shown prominently in the SERPs which will impact negatively on rankings and organic traffic.

Stickyeyes use a combination of methods, including mimicking search engine spiders by crawling the website with our industry leading technology suite as well as manually reviewing a large number of pages of the website to ensure we identify all issues that could be hindering a websites performance.

Our team of SEO experts will fully audit your website architecture and deliver an in-depth SEO analysis report that describes all technical pitfalls and the best approach to fix them. We will then work closely with developers and support in-house teams to ensure that all recommendations from the audit are implemented and importantly the impact is measured.

Industry leading SEO analysis technology suite

At Stickyeyes, we’ve invested in developing an industry leading SEO analysis technology suite which combined with our in-house SEO experts enables us to carry out an in-depth audits of a websites architecture like no one else in the industry. Utilising our bespoke tools such as COT and Roadmap we are able to determine the most important technical factors that are hindering the performance of your website.

Our technologies ensure that we identify every single opportunity to boost your websites performance within organic search through technical SEO and ultimately drive you more conversions.

A proven track record

Our in-house digital experts are the reasons why some of the world’s largest brands trust us with their technical SEO strategies. We have delivered world class technical SEO strategies for brands such as Hertz, Staples, Tesco Bank and GHD Hair.

Want to learn more? View our case studies to see how we helped brands grow as a result of technical SEO.