Website & Platform Migration Support

Risk alleviation for rankings, traffic and most importantly user experience

Search Engine Optimisation

Why should you consider SEO during a migration?

Migrations to different domains, platforms, structures or even designs should be treated with the highest level of caution, too often SEO goes unconsidered during these migrations with sometimes catastrophic results.

We’ve classified a number of different migration scenarios;

The more complex the migration the higher the level the support is needed to mitigate the increased levels of risk at play.

Stickyeyes Migration Support

At Stickyeyes we understand that each migration is unique and that development restrictions and deadlines can affect the outcome of a migration that’s why we encourage our clients and prospects to undertake an on-boarding session from the offset so that SEO is at the forefront and considered right the way through until completion.

Flexibility that suits you

We have delivered migrations both as consultancy projects and also for existing clients that have proved successful in terms of minimising impact and building foundations for SEO growth in the future. Want to learn more? View our case studies to see how we helped brands on their migrations.

Making big strides for On Stride Financial

Achieving immediate success in one of the most competitive markets search engine markets in the world.

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