ON-page technical optimisation

Google looks at over 200 signals to determine the quality of your website to determine what position it should be rank it within the search engine ranking pages (SERPS). Many of these signals look at ‘on-page’ factors, these are elements that are within your websites code structure as well as those that visitors see, such as the pages body content. Optimising these elements are crucial to your SEO strategy as poorly optimised pages will perform badly within the SERPs.

We’ve a team of highly experienced technical SEO specialists who carry out in-depth SEO audits to identify on-page factors that can positively influence your websites ranking within the SERPs.


The last 18 months have seen a significant shift in the Google algorithm placing much greater emphasis on user engagement, these include:

  • Time on site – how long a visitor stays on a website.
  • Bounce rate – how many visitors leave the website without visiting other pages.
  • Pages viewed – how many pages a visitors views during a session.

We’re specialists in producing campaigns that positively influence these engagement metrics, whether it’s delivered through a creative campaign such as the ‘Theory Test’ campaign we did for Motors.co.uk or through in-depth content hubs such as ‘Hertz Together’ that we created for Hertz.

Optimisation specialists

Stickyeyes has successfully improved organic visibility for our clients within a multitude of challenging marketplaces through the combination of our technical on-page optimisation and influencing engagement factors through our incredible creative campaigns.

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