SEO is a part of a search marketing of which website can connect with their target audience and deliver the most relevant content. Any search marketing activity will be about making yourself more visible within search engines to attract new and returning customers

As a primary objective of any SEO campaign, you need to deliver the information the searcher is looking for and this is often defined by the types of query they type into the search engine. Modern search engines are often very good at delivering relevant results to users and the websites who often appear more prominently in natural search results are those who meet the visitors expectations.

Setting a solid SEO foundation

SEO has long been considered a siloed marketing channel with a core focus on technical website changes and adapting to irregular algorithm updates. The new SEO model is a part of the bigger picture to become a proactive and sustainable part of businesses marketing strategy.

Search marketing now needs to consider an overlap of the general marketing channels to incorporate elements content and social signals along side long standing algorithm signals such as link profiles which are known to impact ranking performance among other factors.

It is important make SEO the foundation of any marketing channel to deliver increase in traffic from head and long tails terms but also adapt to the changing display of Google search results. SEO today is a much larger proportion of the digital marketing spectrum that it used to be. Stickyeyes focuses on building an online brand whilst becoming an authorativive and trusted resource within your market to attract new customers.


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The need for sustainable SEO strategy

Organisations can no longer afford to take the organic search channel for granted. A robust SEO strategy demands the same attention and budgets as your other marketing channels, therefore there is a need to create a viable long term solution to generate annual return on investment.

Stickyeyes believes SEO should be recognised as one of the top marketing channels and we have provided clients with the key strategic direction and optimisation techniques to deliver a unique SEO approach that works.

Traditional SEO was purely technical and results could be driven through SEO specialists alone in a

silo. Today, SEO looks more like good marketing, and integration across a multitude of marketing

functions is necessary to move the needle. This is why we consider ourselves a partner of our clients integrating our own teams into their businesses, providing research and strategy to guide and coordinate the efforts of marketing teams in order to capture valuable search benefits.