Festival of Marketing special – Lego, KLM and content

A special edition from the Festival of Marketing on case studies from Lego, KLM and details of a free content marketing download.

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It’s a special edition of Digital Minute this week, live from the Festival of Marketing in London.

The overriding theme has been one of storytelling and content creation informed by data and insight with the aim of generating revenue for your brand. We’ve heard great case studies from Lego and KLM but also tons of tips and tools to put these examples into practice.

We also presented our own session on creating and distributing content that engages and converts. You can view the slides and download our content marketing toolkit, created especially for the Festival at www.stickyeyes.com/FoM.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute.

Today it’s a special edition, live from the Festival of Marketing in London.

The overriding theme so far is one of storytelling and content creation.

We’ve heard from KLM who focus on solving real problems through their marketing activity giving the example of a social media payment tool which cost just €3,500 to create but brings in over €80,000 a week

We’ve also heard from Lego, talking about their social strategy, an excellent overview of which is on the Econsultancy blog. They gave the example of just one Instagram image, of a Stormtrooper giving out free hugs to coincide with May the 4th which had a viral reach of over 1 million people and brought in tens of thousands of $ in revenue.

Admittedly we don’t all have Lego’s budget, resource or fan base but handily, a lot of sessions are also providing tips and tools to put some of the examples into practice – including us.

If you couldn’t make our session on creating and distributing killer content we’ve created a free content marketing bundle which includes loads of templates, tools and checklists. You can download it for free at Stickyeyes.com/FoM

Thanks for watching. I’m Lisa Wisniowski, and that was your Digital Minute.”

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