Defining social ROI

for Sports Bookmaking Brand

Many brands struggle to understand the power of online communities. We can help identify the value and the opportunities for your brand, making a solid business case for investing in social.


The Challenge

Our client, a leading name in the world of sports bookmaking, had developed a unique online community platform in an attempt to engage new customers and retain existing users. The problem for our client was that, due to a series of technical challenges, they had little visibility on the overall effectiveness of this community.

With no indication on the effectiveness of this community platform, the client was struggling to justify additional investment in the campaign, even though this could see the brand miss out on a number of opportunities.

Our task was to identify just what value this community was delivering, and to see where the opportunities were.

The Solution

By combining multiple layers of data, we identified exactly where the opportunities were for our client.

Our data analysts dug deep into our client’s digital performance metrics. Using multiple sources of data, alongside our experience within the sector, we were able to understand exactly how the online community platform was positively impacting the client’s bottom line. In doing so, we would also uncover a number of opportunities that would help our client gain a competitive edge in one of the UK’s most fiercely contested digital sectors.

By combining data from Google Analytics, from the community itself and from the client’s own revenue data, we were able to identify exactly how people were interacting with the community and demonstrate a clear return on investment to the client.

The Results

Our analysis highlighted the significant potential of the client’s online sportsbook community, despite its low volume of users.

Our deep dive analysis found that while just 4.1% of the client’s visitors was using the platform, those users were significantly more engaged with the brand.

Those users who were active on the platform spent, on average, an additional 31 minutes on site, visiting more than three times the number of pages. This saw users convert at a rate of 57.3% – a 58.9% increase on non-community users.

This data allowed the client to direct significant investment into their online community proposition, making it notably more prominent to users and increasing the value that they provided to their consumers.

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