Defining Social Strategy

for Lloyds

Helping one of the world’s biggest and most unique financial brands enhance their digital communications strategy.


The Challenge

With such a unique operating model, Lloyd’s of London brought a unique set of challenges to address. It also brought an award-winning social media presence, with ambitions to take this to the next level.

As a not-for-profit insurance market, Lloyd’s had to ensure that it was making the most effective use of its resources and processes. With such a unique target audience, Stickyeyes was tasked with performing a full review and audit of Lloyds’ digital engagement strategy.

What followed was a 360° review of Lloyds’ digital media strategy that put social firmly on the boardroom table, with new delivery approaches and a robust reporting process to ensure that Lloyd’s was getting more value from its social activity.

The Solution

Our digital consultants performed a complete audit of Lloyds’ digital communications strategy, identifying key opportunities to better engage their current audiences, effectively target new audiences and drive efficiencies in their digital operation.
Our approach for Lloyd’s followed a very simple and structured process:

  • Fix: Identifying activities and platforms that were underperforming, why and how they can be improved.
  • Focus: Identifying the activities and platforms that presented the best opportunities for Lloyd’s.
  • Grow: Growing the audience without compromising on the quality of engagement.
  • Using this approach, we were able to make a number of key recommendations that shaped digital strategy throughout all levels of the organisation.

    The Results

    Our findings and recommendations identified key opportunities for Lloyd’s and, with a targeted focus on LinkedIn, they were able to grow their audience by more than 30,000 people instantaneously.

    Our specialist consultants looked deep into the digital communications strategy of Lloyd’s, determining where their efforts were focused and what those efforts were yielding. One of the initial findings was that, whilst Lloyd’s was enjoying some success through Twitter, it was missing a number of opportunities by not disseminating its content to its target audiences through LinkedIn.

    Our recommendations brought LinkedIn to the fore of the Lloyd’s communication strategy, allowing them to communicate with an additional 35,000 highly targeted and relevant individuals.

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