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The Challenge

The people behind the wheel are not merely ‘motorists’, they’re people with genuine, heart-warming and real-life stories. Motors.co.uk, as one of the UK’s leading names in the industry, wanted to bring these stories to life.

After the success of the original Motors Most Deserving campaign, Motors wanted to reach out to a new, younger demographic. As a group that has been hit particularly hard by rising insurance premiums, skyrocketing fuel prices and of course, tuition fees, the number of students in particular taking to the road has suffered a notable decline.

Motors wanted to address this, by giving one particularly deserving student the keys to their own car. In doing so, they would not only help one student to get behind the wheel, they would also support them and their fellow classmates in getting the most from their studies.

The Solution

After the success of the original Motors most deserving campaign, the search for Britain’s most deserving student began. The prize on offer? A fully insured Renault Twingo car and a £1,000 donation to the university cause of their choice.

Through an outreach and engagement campaign with universities across the UK, we spread the message to a highly targeted audience across trusted domains. The campaign allowed us to publish a wealth of content that told the unique and heart-warming stories of each and every one of our finalists. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

The story of David Moorhead from the University of Bedfordshire stood out to judges. After leaving secondary school having been labelled as “stupid”, he later discovered he was dyslexic and dyspraxic. This motivated him to pursue his dream of achieving a PHD.

As well as the stresses and strains of his studies, David also travelled across the country every week to care for his sick daughter.

The Results

After receiving hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes, the campaign succeeded in bringing the Motors.co.uk brand to a young audience.

With social mentions increasing from an average of five per day to 52 per day (a 940% increase) and more than 50 pieces of detailed media coverage, the campaign was able to reach out to an audience of 14.5m people.

And for the University of Befordshire, David’s £1,000 was donated so that the university could purchase Claro software, which will help future students with dyslexia.

With figures like that, the campaign scooped the award for  ‘Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign’ at the 2013 UK Search Awards.

UK Search Awards 2013

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