Hertz in 60 Seconds

for Hertz Europe

Delivering local video knowledge in six European languages


The Brief

Stickyeyes had been working with Hertz on a localised SEO and content strategy, and video proved to be the next step in that approach.

We worked with Hertz to understand the key questions for their customers at prominent locations, such as the best way to “drive around London” or “How to pay the congestion charge”. This provided us with the platform for ‘Hertz in 60 Seconds – a series of videos that would address key local queries.

The Result

After evaluating extensive digital and employee research gathered through interviews and digital analytics, Stickyeyes generated a series of answers to the questions most people ask (at the various locations, native or tourist). The campaign works closely with the insights and SEO teams to produce targeted video content quickly once a target “request” has been identified, adding to the series on a video by video basis, increasing Hertz video authority and delivering new, entertaining content to Hertz site pages in increasingly regular intervals.

We are continually producing content for the series “60 seconds in…” piloted and dedicated to their busy London Marble Arch location.

Our specialists provided all of the creative, animated video content, the narration and localisation, to deliver genuinely useful and entertaining answers to common customer queries. All of these videos were produced in six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch) and will be distributed across the Hertz Europe network shortly.

*Watch this space – we’ll be uploading the series at launch*

The Future

Following a redesign of the Hertz video content distribution platform, we are now working to refine the Hertz video distribution model to engage third party video producers on a global level, allowing local Hertz agents, bloggers and enthusiasts to shoot and edit their own Hertz video content.

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