Insight informs strategy

for Hertz Europe

Uncovering the opportunities in the car rental market to drive forward a brand new international digital strategy.


The Challenge

As one of the leading brands in the vehicle rental market, Hertz Europe needed to keep ahead of the competition and capitalise on new opportunities in this fiercely competitive sector.

As competition continues to grow in the sector, with additional pressure from low-cost operators, Hertz needed to ensure that they were exploiting every possible opportunity with their digital proposition across their key markets and their core locations.

The challenge for Stickyeyes was to provide detailed insight into the European car and van hire market that would allow Hertz to maintain its position as one of the global market leaders.

The Solution

Stickyeyes undertook a comprehensive deep-dive analysis into the European car and van hire sector, uncovering a number of opportunities for Hertz to dominate the international digital marketplace.

Our multi-lingual analysis looked at some of the most competitive paid and organic search markets in the sector, focusing on car and van hire services in major cities, regions, countries and airports, to fully understand our client’s position in the marketplace. This analysis of more than 360 car and van hire keywords in three international markets highlighted where Hertz needed to modify and adapt its search marketing strategy to remain dominant in this sector.

In total, our report identified more than 100 pieces of individual insight and more than 80 pieces of statistical interpretation, as well as expert benchmarking of competitor strategies.

The Results

Our market analysis allowed Hertz to gain a complete picture of the digital landscape within their sector and heavily inform their future digital strategy.

Our analysis demonstrated that there were a number of key opportunities for Hertz in key keyword markets and, crucially, mapped out a strategy for the brand to improve its reach and visibility in these sectors.

Using this insight, Hertz was able to redefine its approach to search marketing and implement significant tactical changes, allowing it to close the gap on more aggressive competitors and retain its position as the dominant brand in this marketplace.

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