Real PPC cost-cutting

for OYYY

OYYY drastically reduced their PPC advertising costs from 80p to 29p per click, thanks to our dynamic real-pricing technology.


The brief

OYYY presented us with a two-fold challenge. They wanted to reduce the cost of their PPC campaigns and increase online sales.

The office product suppliers needed highly efficient AdWords campaigns.

But how?

Our solution

If you stock lots of products, but operate to low margins, how can real-time pricing work?

We needed to sharpen OYYY’s AdWords campaigns. How? A product feed. Using a tool we developed in-house, ads were automatically updated in-line with price changes and stock levels. If a product wasn’t in stock, the ad group was paused for that product, preventing OYYY ads appearing for out-of-stock products.

No wonder our real-pricing tool was shortlisted for Econsultancy’s Innovation Awards.

The result

Our real-pricing tool reduced average costs-per-click from 80p, to just 29p.

This is because whenever someone searches for a product OYYY stocks, an ad appears showing the product and exact price. Significantly, the ad only appears when the product is in stock, preventing wasteful costs per click.

We’ve used this PPC strategy across 16,000 of OYYY’s products and will be rolling it out across all 38,000 of their products.

Let's achieve results like these.

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