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Using social media insights to increase revenue and drive customer growth.


The Challenge

Stickyeyes was engaged by an online fixed-price fast fashion retailer to increase revenue and enhance customer growth through paid media.

As a fixed price retailer in the crowded fashion sector, the client was particularly susceptible to increased ad spend costs. This demanded a much more cost effective biddable media route than the increasingly competitive and expensive AdWords.

The goals were simple; increase traffic and leads, grow the client’s customer base and improve customer engagement.

The Solution

Facebook advertising provided us with a clear opportunity to drive sales at a lower cost than other forms of biddable media.

With social media a notoriously difficult channel in which to drive conversions, our ability to interpret data and deploy effective targeting would be critical to achieving the client’s ambitions. Our team therefore analysed several key data sources, including the client’s eCRM data, social media analytics and third party demographic data to deploy a Facebook advertising campaign that targeted the brand‘s core target audience. This analysis presented two key opportunities.

By targeting dormant account holders, who were already in the client’s eCRM as having previously engaged with the brand, we would reconnect the brand to those audiences.

Additionally, by defining a clear customer profile for the client, we would use email look-a-like targeting, interest targeting and page look-a-like targeting to ensure that the client’s investment was directed only the most engaged consumer demographics.

The Results

Overall activity consistently delivered a healthy ROI of 280% for the client, with 88% of sales volume generated from profile look-a-like activity.

Look-a-like targeting provided the lowest CPA across all the activity with an average CPA of £1.43 (compared with a previous average CPA of £10.18), against an average order value of £23.92.

The campaign was particularly successful at driving revenue growth from mobile, with 91% of all sales coming from mobile devices. Cost per lead on mobile was also 42% lower than desktop CPLs.

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