Search Penalty Recovery

for A European Gambling Brand

Plotting a path to success for one of the world’s biggest international i-Gaming brands.


The Challenge

Having suffered a dramatic fall in organic search rankings, one of the world’s biggest international gaming brands tasked us with finding the solution.

We needed to remove a Google penalty and plot a course to recover those rankings in an incredibly competitive sector.

To understand the reasons behind the fall in rankings, and the imposition of a penalty, we would have to delve deep into the client’s previous SEO activity, identify the core issues affecting the client and put in place a recovery strategy that would put this major brand back into the prominent positions.

The Solution

Using award-winning technology and expert data analysis, we were able to produce an SEO benchmarking report that uncovered every aspect of the client’s search marketing strategy.

Our dashboard assessed every possible ranking factor affecting our client and benchmarked this against their core competitors, allowing us to identify clear strengths and flaws in their previous search strategy.

Using this data, we were able to perform a thorough link audit, assessing the risk factors of each and every link currently pointing to the client domains in each of its thirteen international territories in the sportsbook, poker and casino verticals.

Our dashboard was also used to forecast the client’s organic performance across each vertical and territory, allowing the client to accurately forecast return on investment for each organic search position.

The Results

Our insight was used to inform a significant SEO clean-up, which reaped almost instantaneous results.

Using the data from our SEO dashboard, we were able to embark on a major correction of the client’s previous search marketing campaigns. In total, more than 140,000 backlinks were assessed and individually rated on risk. Of these links, just 27% of all active links were retained.

The result of these changes was a notable increase in organic search rankings. Within just four months of the link removal process commencing, rankings increased significantly to return the client to pre-penalty levels.

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