Testing the Theory

for Motors.co.uk

Taking Motors.co.uk to new audiences with an effective content marketing strategy.


The Challenge

Stickyeyes had a strong track record of developing big ideas for Motors.co.uk, but this one would need to be one of our biggest yet.

As part of a wider and long-term digital marketing strategy, we were challenged with developing and deploying creative ways to engage the Motors.co.uk target audience, increase brand awareness and drive high quality online referrals. Any idea would also need to have plenty of longevity, being a catalyst for ongoing content marketing ideas and concepts.

We would need to ensure that any idea would strike a chord with the Motors.co.uk target audience, create a reaction and fully reflect the brand’s core values.

What followed was an immensely successful campaign that generated huge levels of online and offline media coverage.

The Solution

Motors.co.uk is all about searching smarter, but just how ‘smart’ were their core audience? We wanted to find out – and generate huge brand buzz in the process.

We challenged the UK public to see whether they could still pass the standard DSA driving theory test, as undertaken by candidates in 2015. Presenting users with 15 of the toughest questions currently posed to test candidates, we wanted to know how much (or how little) knowledge British drivers had retained since they originally passed their theory exam or got their driving licence. From road signs to stopping distances, we would see just how much Britain’s drivers actually knew about the Highway Code.

The test mechanism would ultimately fuel a wider content marketing campaign, with the test results providing a wealth of stories and content opportunities for us to put Motors.co.uk in the spotlight and generate discussion around the brand.

The Results

Even in the early stages of the campaign, we hit some considerable milestone; driving outstanding levels of traffic, engagement and coverage.

We experienced strong levels of on-site engagement, with the page generating the highest average time on site for Motors.co.uk following its launch. Even in the first ten days of the campaign being live, the levels of traffic generated exceeded expectations, with 73,230 total page views and 59,718 unique page views in the period 10th July – 27th July.

Earned media coverage delivered around 2,800 of these visitors, with the Theory Test landing page going on to become the fourth biggest landing page by traffic during the campaign.

In total, more than 45,000 people took the test, with around 500 of these consenting to further email marketing.

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