Cyber security is an extremely important issue for everyone at Stickyeyes. Not only is it vital that we keep our unique in-house data secure, but we are also entrusted with huge amounts of data and insight by our clients.

October is European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), an EU advocacy campaign that promotes cyber security amongst European citizens and attempts to promote a change in attitudes towards cyber security and the threat of cybercrime.

Whilst a series of high-profile data breaches in recent months have put the issue of cyber security very much in the spotlight, ECSM is designed to raise awareness of core good-practice measures for both individuals and businesses to protect their data, and themselves, online.


And to ensure that the message remains at the forefront of our minds at Stickyeyes, our IT team has been providing our staff with free internet security health checks on their personal laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Jonathan Grimshaw, IT Manager, and Joe Turner, IT Apprentice, have been performing a host of security checks on staff equipment, providing help and advice on online security, internet scams and safety information, as well ensuring that antivirus software and operating systems are all up to date.


Naturally, our staff were all more than happy to get a free health-check on for their personal devices, and they left the sessions full of ideas and advice to ensure that they don’t fall victim to cybercrime and fraudulent online activity.

To find out more about European Cyber Security Month and to get involved, head over to