Shopping is a central channel within the search ecosystem, displaying results at the top or to the side of the Google SERP. For e-commerce brands, its vital that you adopt an approach that seeks shopping excellence. Here, merchants can take advantage of this premium real estate using tactics that can boost revenue, return on ad spend, and profitability.

At Stickyeyes, we have our very own Comparison Shopping Service (CSS), helping you to deliver shopping excellence. Not only could you benefit from around a 20% saving on CPC by using our CSS platform, but our shopping services can be adapted to your needs to drive greater shopping performance.

Our Services

Comparison Shopping Service

Our Comparison Shopping Service can help you:

  • Reduce your Google Ads CPCs.
  • Facilitate closer support from Google.
  • Provide a fully managed, self-served or hybrid model as required.

We can be flexible to best suit your needs.

Shopping Management

Having managed shopping campaigns for brands for many years, our tactics include:

  • Shopping setup.
  • Structure development.
  • Automated bidding.
  • Showcase shopping ads management.
  • LIA management.
  • Smart shopping management.
  • Shopping performance audit. Should you simply want a consultative relationship on your self-managed account.

Feed Optimisation

Feed Optimisation can cover a range of options, including:

  • Feed auditing.
  • Feed generation.
  • Product title & description optimisation.
  • Feed attribute optimisation.
  • Custom label additions. Including real time performance labels.


Shopping reporting helps to understand performance and inform strategy:

  • Reporting tools developed in-house and only avaliable to our clients.
  • Competitor insights.
  • Price comparison.
  • Reporting dashboard creation.
  • Organic surfaces across Google reporting
  • Integrated search reporting. To help you understand how shopping fits into your wider search ecosystem.

What sets us apart?

E-commerce expertise

E-commerce expertise

Our shopping experts are certified with Google, having completed robust Shopping Ad training. We also have years of global e-commerce experience driving results for brands including Brora, Ted Baker, Hunter Boots & Science in Sport.

Powered by technology

Powered by technology

Everything we do is powered by our industry leading tech including our proprietary toolset to analyse and report on the SERP landscape, our feed optimisation and auditing tech, as well as an in-depth understanding of third party systems such as Merchant Centre and Google Data Studio.

An integrated approach

An integrated approach

At Stickyeyes, we’re champions of a One Search approach. Shopping is simply one piece of a wider SERP landscape including Paid Search and Organic Search. Our award winning SEO & PPC teams work together to help you understand how your shopping results contribute to this wider ecosystem.

Stickyeyes, and our wider Reprise Group CSS clients include:


What is a CSS?

A Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is able to serve ads on Google search results on behalf of a merchant. All merchants looking to serve ads on the Google SERP must therefore use a CSS. By default, it is most likely that you are currently using Google Shopping, Google’s own CSS.

When using Google Shopping, Google charges a margin every time a click cost is incurred. This margin is added onto the CPCs within your account.

Our Stickyeyes CSS does not charge a margin in this way. Brands using our CSS can save on average 20%. Which means, delivering the same performance for a reduced cost or, should you reinvest that budget, we can deliver a stronger performance for the same cost.

How we can work with you

Managed Service

As part of a fully managed service, Stickyeyes would be responsible for all aspects of shopping excellence, delivering outstanding shopping performance. This could include:

  • Merchant Centre management
  • Feed management
  • Shopping campaign setup and optimisation
  • Reporting

The advantage of a fully managed service is that a single team is responsible for everything from feed optimisation to campaign deployment, allowing for a holistic, joined up approach.

Self Service

Under the self-service model, you have the option to use the Comparison.Shop CSS to serve your campaigns, but will manage all elements of your shopping yourself or through another third party.

Hybrid Model

A hybrid model is a combination of the managed service and self service. You will be able to serve shopping ads via the Stickyeyes CSS, but could also choose to work with us on just some of our additional services. This could include active management, or simply consultation services.

This allows us to be flexible based on your needs. It also means that we’re accustomed to supporting in-house teams at delivering shopping excellence.

Want to boost revenue, return on ad spend, and profitability?

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