Answering those key questions about your audiences

Who are your audiences, and why do they do what they do? That’s what we find out.

The digital eco-system has created new and exciting ways for consumers to behave, but understanding this behaviour, joining the dots and working out who your audiences really are has become more and more challenging. Our approach to audience insight is about making that process easier and more insightful.

We find the answers to the burning questions that you have about your audiences. It’s about giving you more time to work on what they want, and less time spent working out what they want.

Audience insights that asks the right questions

Because we understand digital, we understand what questions to ask in order to understand your digital audiences.

So we blend thorough and effective primary research with secondary research from the right sources. We question, observe and interrogate both your audiences and your data, layering that against trusted sources and our specialist data tools to build a true picture of who your audiences are, how they behave, and why.

The tools of our trade...



Harness big data to generate rounded insights into your digital audience.

What we offer

Landscape analysis

Giving you the clearest possible picture of the media landscape, helping to find the right channels at the right time.

Customer persona building

Understanding who your audiences are, what makes them tick, and how you can reach them at the right moment.

Strategy, segmentation and customer targeting audits

Reviewing your existing media and segmentation strategy to make real, effective change.

Channel strategy

Modelling the ideal channel strategy to make your investment in paid media work harder on every channel.

Traffic analysis

Measuring the true impact of your web traffic to determine which channels are delivering the right audiences.

What we're saying about digital strategy

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