Join Stickyeyes and The CMA on Wednesday 21st July as we discuss what impact Google’s experience update will have on content marketers this summer, and beyond.

The Google Page Experience update will roll out across the summer of 2021, putting a new focus on online user experience and how our brands engage with our audiences.

But whilst the update tends to focus on more technical elements of experience, such as page load speeds and accessibility, there are things that content marketers need to consider if we are to help our brands meet the needs and expectations of our audiences and consumers.

Our speakers:

Heather Healy, Experience Strategy Director
Heather is responsible for putting customer experience at the heart of strategy for clients across the Stickyeyes and Reprise Media network. An award-winning digital strategist, speaker and published writer, Heather has helped brand ensure their voices are heard in some of the world’s most competitive markets.

Michael Hewitt, Content Marketing Manager
Michael is the Content Marketing Manager for Stickyeyes, responsible for content strategy across the Stickyeyes Group whether written, spoken or visual. He has more than 14 years’ experience across both B2C and B2B brands.

What we'll cover:

Heather and Mike will discuss how Google’s focus on experience goes beyond the technical elements, explaining how we can put the customer, their needs and their intents at the heart of what we do.

The session will look at how content marketers can better understand how our audiences move between channels and mediums throughout the customer journey, match the right content to the right channel, identify potential causes of friction in that journey, using content to guide our audiences through each stage and towards a conversion.

Join us:

Wednesday 21st July. 10-10.45am (BST)

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