The Background

Stickyeyes partnered with KPMG to devise a lead generation, marketing automation and sales nurturing strategy to attract hard-to-reach C-Suite professionals at FTSE250 companies.

The introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting, to be imposed on larger UK employers, presented a significant opportunity for KPMG as it had a proposition that would support organisations through this legislation.

Our task would be to develop a highly effective content-led strategy, make use of the client’s existing sales and marketing database and devise a targeting and distribution strategy to put content in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Engaging, effective content assets

We built a lead generation and sales nurturing strategy around insightful, high quality content assets that would tackle the core issues facing HR directors at affected employers in the private, public and third sectors.

Working in close conjunction with KPMG’s specialists, we produced a detailed Whitepaper on the issue of Gender Pay Gap reporting. Not only would this raise awareness and provide a level of guidance on this new legislation, but it would also highlight where the client’s services were relevant in helping those affected companies to ensure compliance with the new legislation.

This was the key content asset but, in order to deliver on the client’s objectives, we had to ensure that we got it to the right audiences.

Smarter database analysis

A key objective was to ensure that the client was making its existing sales and marketing database work as hard as possible, plus that it was optimised for long-term success.

We interrogated the existing database and identified a number of opportunities for the brand to develop a cleaner, more efficient database that made it easier to identify key audience segments and drive engagement with the right contacts.

This process saw the creation of a more effective persona classification and segmentation methodology that allowed the brand to connect with its audiences more effectively across each and every campaign for the long term.

Pinpoint targeting and content distribution

Following that same persona classification and segmentation model, we were able to develop effective content distribution and channel strategies to generate the leads that would fuel the client’s sales pipeline.

These detailed personas highlighted precisely where the KPMG audience was digitally active, how they behaved and how they engaged with content online.

Those personas allowed us to deploy intelligent content distribution techniques across email and social media channels, generating conversions from the right audiences segments whilst minimising ad spend.

Effective marketing automation and sales nurture strategy

The next step was to develop a framework to nurture those leads throughout the conversion funnel.

Using marketing automation, we ensured that leads received appropriate content at every touchpoint, based on their levels of engagement and interaction, whilst keeping the brand front-of-mind throughout the process.

And using that interaction and engagement insight, the client’s sales teams had the intelligence that they needed to frame their conversation and guide those leads through the funnel to a close.


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