The Project

Solopress came to Stickyeyes looking to turn around its under-performance in organic search.

At the heart of that underperformance was a series of legacy link penalties and technical issues. It was up to us to not only rectify those problems, but to implement a sustainable search marketing strategy that would engage audiences, build brand awareness and deliver consistent SEO rankings for revenue-driving keyword terms.

Stickyeyes has delivered solutions that are both creative and effective, addressing the core challenges that we faced as a business and focusing on what works. They have helped us to overcome a series of legacy challenges, and we are now realising the full potential of both our brand and our online channels.

Kevin Seaden, Chief Operations Officer

Our Solution

Before we could do anything, we needed to ensure that the Solopress’ digital marketing presence was built for success in search.

In order to do that, we performed a thorough review of the client’s link profile to understand the root cause of the problem. Following this review, we disavowed or removed more than 1,200 poor quality links from the client’s backlink profile, which helped to remove their legacy penalty issues and re-establishing their organic search visibility.

We also undertook a comprehensive technical SEO audit of the Solopress website to produce a prioritised and actionable list of technical improvements, and more than 100 pieces of engaging functional content. These changes not only ensured that the site was following SEO best practice, but that the site was delivering the best possible customer experience and making the most of every single visitor.

With those issues resolved, we took to building a multi-faceted, long-term strategy that would build brand awareness and authority, engage audiences and support organic visibility through a series of creative content marketing campaigns.


The most successful of these campaigns was the launch of the Pherocard – a pheromone-infused business card that would (quite literally) offer the sweet smell of success!

Using video content, PR and outreach to launch a new innovative product on April Fools Day, we would go on to build that awareness and high quality links that supported our long-term SEO campaign.

What we achieved

Having recovered Solopress from its long-term SEO penalty in mid-2016, visibility was at record levels by June 2017 and continued to grow. The brand now has position one rankings throughout their keyword range, including on core traffic-driving terms.

Our Pherocard campaign exceeded all pre-campaign KPIs, generating close to 2,000 video views within the first 24 hours and close to 4,000 page views on the PheroCard product page.

All of this has equated to an outstanding return on investment. We have delivered a 354% ROI from the client’s investment in SEO, a 24% YoY growth in traffic and a 39% increase in organic revenue.

We have since supported the client with it’s paid search marketing strategy, delivering a 51% increase in revenue whilst reducing cost per acquisition by 28%.

Overall, Solopress has seen overall revenue increase by 40%.

  • 354%

    return on investment
  • 40%

    growth in revenue from organic search