Why your brand needs influencers

A recommendation from someone you trust is always going to be more effective than an advert directly selling to you. You believe an opinion over a faceless brand and are more likely to act on that endorsement.

Word of mouth is by no means a new concept, but influencer marketing as a discipline is very much still in its infancy. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to engage with social media influencers, bloggers or vloggers to get their messages across to a new audience.

But you need the experience and relationships to do this the right way.

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Don't just take our word for it

You need an influencer marketing agency that can prove this discipline works. That’s why we’ll let popular lifestyle blogger, Poppy Dinsey, say why she recommends working with Stickyeyes:

 “I’ve worked on two projects with Stickyeyes and both enabled me to get money-can’t-buy access to global events that provided great content for my audience, as well as being a lot of fun for me personally! Client objectives were clear from the outset which made working together as seamless as possible.” Poppyd.com

Mutually beneficial relationships

We’ve spent the past five years building our influencer engagement service, Best British Bloggers, to a high quality service for global brands. We pride ourselves on having created meaningful relationships with influencers, such as Poppy, who we can rely on and they in turn can rely on us to bring them the best experiences.

Many of the team are bloggers themselves, giving us a unique insight into the industry from both sides. We know how influencers want to be approached, what projects they will love and, most importantly, we match them to our clients brand ethos.

Want to learn more? Visit www.bestbritishbloggers.com or follow our latest campaigns on Twitter: @BritBloggers.

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