The 100 Day Plan for your digital strategy

Everyone who starts a new role wants to make an impact, and in digital this could be expected in as little as 100 days. Our latest guide, together with actionable checklists will help drive digital in your new organisation.


100 Day Plan-600

100 days has suddenly become the new standard milestone. It’s the milestone at which we judge new world leaders and, in the world of business, 100 days is also a key red letter mark on the calendar.

As someone new into a digital role, or a new role in a different organisation, you have 100 days to really make an impression, to set out your vision and to make an immediate impact on the business.

Alongside actionable checklists, our guide will show you how to:

  • Identify where and how you should be focusing your efforts over your first 100 days.
  • Align the key stakeholders needed to support your digital strategy.
  • Gather the data points you will need in order to drive digital change in your organisation.

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