Understanding the Amazon A9 algorithm

Amazon has become the first port of call for many consumers when it comes to searching for products. Over half of consumers now start their product search journey on Amazon, rather than Google, according to Salmon’s Future Shopper Report, and this number is expected to grow as Amazon expands its investment in IoT devices and Prime membership.

For retail and ecommerce brands, being visible on Amazon has become a key part of their online strategy. The challenge is understanding just what it takes to ensure that your products do earn those prime positions in what is a completely different search eco-system.

What it takes to reach the top of Amazon’s marketplace

Amazon is a competitive marketplace and as a result, it takes specific strategy to optimise your ecommerce presence on the platform to ensure that your products appear for the right keywords.

We work with retailers and FMCG brands to help them optimise their product listings for the right keywords within Amazon’s marketplace, giving them the best opportunity to reach the right consumers and drive sales on what has become the world’s biggest ecommerce platform.

The tools of our trade



Unlock big wins through a data-led approach to keyword strategy.



Leverage game-changing relevancy insights with SCOT.

What we offer

Keyword analysis

Understanding how your audiences are searching for your products.

Audience Insights

Audience insight that shapes your Amazon strategy.

Product feed optimisation

Optimising your product feed for the A9 algorithm.

Content optimisation

Content that convinces and converts.

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