The Google Broad Update of August 2018, dubbed the “EAT” update, has caused a number of brands in competitive search markets to lose organic search visibility. This guide will discuss exactly what has happened, why Google has updated its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, and how your brand needs to respond.

This guide will cover:

  • An overview of the changes to the Google search algorithm introduced in August 2018.
  • How the Google Search Quality Evaluator guidelines have changed, and what the ‘human element’ of Google’s search algorithm is looking for.
  • A closer look at the principles of Google’s E-A-T policies, and just what it means for your brand’s SEM strategy.
  • How major brands have been impacted by these changes, and why.
  • How brands can ensure that they are producing content that meets Google’s E-A-T guidelines, whilst still delivering on their commercial objectives.
  • Why expertise, user experience and web functionality are more important than ever as signals of expertise, authority and trust.

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