RedefiningSEO 600

The world of search marketing and search engine optimisation never stops. Search algorithms change daily, new technologies and platforms emerge to change the way in which audiences behave, and user expectations continue to evolve.

That means that your approach to SEO and your digital strategy has to evolve. Standing still is not an option for you, nor your agency.

The 2017 edition of our ‘Redefining SEO’ guide will discuss just what some of these changes are, how you should be responding, and just what your agency should be telling you.

We’ll discuss:

  • How search is changing, and why user experience is now more important than ever.
  • What the 2016 Penguin update may tell us about the future of Google algorithm updates.
  • Why technical proficiency and security are very much on Google’s agenda, and should be on yours.
  • How you can ensure that you are prepared for the ‘mobile first’ algorithm, and just how you may need to adjust your strategic approach.