20,000 commercial important keywords, top 10 ranking charts, 44-pages of analysis.

The home furnishings market has seen significant growth in recent months and years, fuelled by a buoyant property market and the impact of ‘lockdown’ measures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. But which brands are leading the search results as search activity continues to grow?

The Stickyeyes Home Furnishings Search Intelligence Report will highlight just how consumer search trends have changed in the market in recent years and show which brands have been at the top of the search results in the key market categories and product areas.

Having analysed close to 20,000 keywords in the homewares and home furnishings retail market, our 44-page report will reveal:

  • search

    Which brands are leading the search results?

    Top 10 rankings reveal the brands that are most effective at generating traffic from organic search – and why.

  • increase-arrow-browser

    Which keywords are driving that traffic?

    Highlighting the keywords and the product categories that provide the biggest opportunities, and which keyword rankings are the most competitively fought-for.

  • speed-browser

    How can brands can improve their organic visibility?

    Identifying the gaps in SEO and keyword strategy, and recommendations for brands to grow organic visibility.

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