The Google Search Experience Update, rolling out across the summer of 2021, is the latest in a long line of updates from the search engine to encourage a better, safer, faster and more secure online experience.

In this whitepaper we explain how to put user experience at the heart of your search marketing strategy. In identifying the causes of friction that frustrate the customer journey we can make our performance marketing much more effective, making better use of content, media and organic and paid search to deliver greater ROI. Want to find out more?

In this 36 page guide we will cover: 

  • search

    A closer look at the Google Search Experience update.

    What it is, how it affects your search marketing strategy and how you need to respond.

  • people-connected

    Why experience matters.

    Why user experience is at the top of the agenda for Google, and why it should be the focus of your performance marketing strategy.

  • increase-arrow-browser

    How we can improve flow through the customer journey.

    Identifying the pain points and causes of friction in the customer journey, to help our audiences do what they want to do.

  • chat

    Delivering content that enhances the experience.

    How we can identify what our audiences want at each stage of the journey.

  • money

    Improving the performance of search marketing.

    How to make sure that organic search and paid media is working in perfect harmony to target the right audiences as efficiently as possible,

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