Reactive marketing, news-jacking, piggyback-marketing, ambush marketing – regardless of the name you use for this tactic, brands are trying to master the art of breaking into a popular, newsworthy discussion.

Today, your audiences aren’t just in the stadium, on the streets or at the show, they’re actively watching events unfold across digital platforms.

But how do you ensure that your brand is standing out from the crowd, making an impression and making reactive marketing work for you? It starts by being proactive.

Our latest eBook, written by Will Conboy, Head of Marketing Communications at Stickyeyes, will explain how your brand can:

  • Identify which events and stories matter most to your audiences.
  • Spot the opportunities, and objectively determine how and when to join the discussion.
  • Resource your reactive marketing operation.
  • Overcome the challenges and fears of this instantaneous and sometimes volatile marketing tactic.
  • Ensure that you don’t plunge your brand into a social media crisis.

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