Content strategy

In order to deliver content which truly works towards your digital goals, it must be deployed as part of a carefully considered strategy which firstly defines what the content should achieve. We will work with you to define these objectives, whether it’s to increase brand sentiment, improve engagement or increase traffic and revenue, we can deliver a content strategy to achieve your objectives.

Most importantly we’ll define a content strategy that is fully measurable. Stickyeyes is committed to rigorous performance measurement and KPIs to ensure that we can fully understand the success of a SEO content strategy.

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Optimising content

All our content is created with SEO in mind, not only does it need to be relevant and engaging it needs to be optimised for search. Utilising our Industry leading, proprietary technology suite we are able to benchmark a websites content relevancy against competitors and quickly identify opportunities to further enhance a websites content offering.

Our highly experienced technical SEO team will ensure that each page is optimised to relevant traffic driving keywords. They’ll work closely with developers and our highly skilled content writers to ensure that all elements of a page are optimised from page titles to internal linking structure – we’ll fully optimise each page and measure its performance.

Content marketing specialists

We have experience in 47 markets and 26 languages –all from our UK HQ –providing the right balance between efficiency and effective localisation. For Hertz we’ve produced and optimised customer-focused content for more than 13,000 locations across 12 languages achieving outstanding results within organic search. We’ve also produced highly engaging content campaigns for the likes of increasing engagement metrics ten-fold.

Want to learn more? View our case studies to see how we helped brands grow through our content optimisation.


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