Re-establishing your brand in organic search

Google manual action penalties can have catastrophic effects on a brand’s digital investment. Sudden and marked loss of search engine rankings impacts search visibility, traffic, brand awareness and, ultimately, revenue.

There are a number of reasons why brands can find themselves impacted by an SEO penalty. Our approach to penalty removal and recovery is about addressing those reasons, building a sustainable strategy for long-term best practice, and ensuring that your brand both regains visibility and remains prominent in the long-term.

The four-stage process to recover from a manual action penalty

We follow a clear, four-step process to help brands recover from a Google SEO penalty, ensuring that they can not only remove and recover from the penalty, but that they can put in place a strategy that ensures that they don’t experience the same problems in the future.

Firstly, we establish that any fall in rankings is the result of a manual action penalty, and not some other issue that could result in a sudden drop in search engine visibility.

Having established that the issue is down to an SEO penalty, we analyse and understand the underlying reasons behind the penalty being imposed. These reasons behind a penalty being imposed can vary considerably between site and sector, and this process allows us to plot the best course of action.

The next stage is to address those reasons in order to get the penalty lifted. This can include addressing technical issues with the site architecture, cleaning up the site’s backlink profile and reviewing on-site and off-site content that could all be contributing negatively to site performance.

Finally, we provide a long-term strategy to ensure that your brand can grow and build visibility sustainably and in the long-term – ensuring that your digital presence can keep working hard for you.

The tools of our trade



Make robust decisions with algorithmic insights into link profile health.



Unlock unparalleled insights into the Google search algorithm.



Unlock big wins through a data-led approach to keyword strategy.



Leverage game-changing relevancy insights with SCOT.

What we offer

Full link profile analysis.

Using our suite of tools to objectively analyse your full back-link profile.

Content audits.

Assessing your content strategy, identifying problem areas and recommending solutions.

Ranking recovery and penalty removal strategy.

Effective and sustainable penalty removal and ranking recovery strategies.

Ongoing SEM and SEO strategy.

Long-term strategy to improve organic search visibility.

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