Google has changed

Search marketing is constantly evolving. The search marketing techniques of the past have become obsolete and those brands that have failed to adapt in time have been hit – and hit hard.

Google has also evolved, moving away from the link-based algorithms of old to a system that rewards quality content, a strong social media presence, relevancy, multi-device compatibility, sound technical elements and user engagement. That change has seen many brands, many of which previously dominated their respective search markets, disappear completely from search results.

Google use a number different algorithms to help assess the quality of any given website however when it comes to handing out penalties for practices that break their Quality Guidelines the issues can be grouped into two main categories with penalties that target both the onsite (aka Panda) and offsite (aka Penguin) elements that surround your website.

Both the Panda and Penguin updates which, in more severe cases, when triggered can instigate a manual review of your website have resulted in many brands falling outside the parameters of what Google now considers to be a ‘quality’ domain. For those brands that fall foul of these new standards, the penalties can be severe.

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How we can help you

We want to help you rectify whatever issue Google has with your website however, as you’re probably aware by now, removing a penalty from Google isn’t easy. This is where we come in – we’ve had plenty of experience and success with helping both large and small brands, like yours, remove and recover from severe Google penalties within a short space of time.

Don’t just take our word for it here’s a case study, just to give a flavour of how we can help you, where we recently helped a major international gaming brand recover from a long standing penalty from Google. Not only did we help them with a penalty recovery however we also helped them gain their market share in organic search from within a highly competitive niche.

Our Google penalty removal & recovery process

In summary; with our Google penalty removal and recovery service we will first work with you to fully understand what has happened and then, once we’ve identified the problem Google has with your website, we’ll help you recover and improve your website following Google’s best practices.

For more information on the type of Google penalty that could be affecting your website click on one of the links below or get in touch and speak to one of our experts.