Download our US Sportsbook Report

As America’s relationship with online gambling starts to change, many iGaming brands both in the US and Europe are looking at the opportunities stateside to win over new customers in a new and potentially lucrative market.

With online search set to play an important role in the US iGaming, as it currently does in mature markets in the UK and Europe, we analysed close to 19,000 keywords to understand which brands are currently leading the race for traffic and customer attention, why they are leading the way, and where the opportunities lie for brands looking to increase their presence in this growing market.

In this report, we will reveal:

  • Who is winning the race for market visibility, and which brands are generating traffic in online search for sportsbook keywords.
  • Why the leading brands are ahead of the pack, using bespoke tools and data sources, we reveal why the search results look the way they do.
  • What competitors can do to increase their visibility, highlighting where the gaps in the market are – and how operators and affiliates can grow.
  • Where the growth opportunities lie.