Since Google implemented its latest update, Panda in April this year the impact on many content led sites has been widely reported.

However, many big brand owners that rank well for keywords and receive significant organic traffic, will be asking “How does this/will this affect my rankings?”

Utilising our unique proprietary dataset we were able to provide econsultancy, the leading source of advice and insight on digital marketing and ecommerce, with over 4.7 million pieces of data to assess the wider impact of the Panda update across five verticals; Credit Cards, Gambling, Flights, Hotels, Holidays and Car Insurance including:

  • % climbers, fallers and non-movers; and
  • average position movement.
  • As well as an overlay of Google’s Panda vs. Caffeine vs. Vince Update Volatility

You can view the full econsultancy commentary supported by Stickyeyes data on their blog, or contact us for the full details.