So, we're pleased (and also somewhat terrified) to announce that we've been chosen from over 2,000 applicants to fly over Roundhay Park, Leeds this weekend as part of the world renowned Red Bull Flugtag.

25,000 people will descend on Roundhay on Sunday 17th July to see our team and 34 other amateur aviators throw themselves off a 30ft platform over Waterloo Lake in a bid to see who can travel the farthest.

All the teams have designed and built their own elaborate and funny ‘flying’ machines ranging from a giant Yorkshire pudding and Orville the Duck to Doc Browns De Lorean and a giant ice cream cone!

We'll be attempting to fly our Imprisoned Dragon and accompanying castle alongside a rather energetic performance from a group of merry mediaeval men and women.

This year’s UK teams will be judged on three criteria: flight distance, creativity of the craft and showmanship by an illustrious panel including T4 presenter George Lamb, comedian Sharon Osborne (AKA Caroline Bernstein), ex-Saints rugby player Sean Long and the one and only Eddie the Eagle!

Jamie McHale, team leader of the Stickyeyes flying machine said:

We were amazed to get through to the final 35 from such a competitive entry process. Me and the team have been slogging away most evenings and weekends for the last month to provide the crowd with a flying machine which we hope will entertain. We look forward to strutting our medieval stuff on Sunday and hope our pilot, Alex, manages to stay in the air for more than a few seconds – it’s a long way down!