With vloggers, or ‘video bloggers’ becoming an increasingly influential online voice, brands are clamouring to secure valuable camera time with some of YouTube’s most followed content producers.

But with some of the top vloggers receiving samples to review every single day, how do you make sure that it is your product that is getting talked about?

From making sure that you target the right vloggers through to engaging the brand ambassadors you already have, our Creative Communications Director, Heather Healy, shares her top five tips for making sure that it is your product that is in the spotlight.

Top five tips for brand vlogging.

1. Find the right vloggers.
It is so important to find the vloggers that will resonate with your audience. The best way to find these vloggers is to simply ask them. If you are active on social media, ask them there.

2. Consider what you can offer them.
Vloggers receive products and samples every day, so you need to offer them something that is unique. If you’re sending them the sort of thing that they have seen countless times before, you’re likely to be disappointed.

3. Get your customers vlogging.
Your best advocate is your customer. These are the people who know you, care about you and will talk about you. If you can encourage your customer to vlog about you, your product and your service, you’ll have a wealth of lots of different types of content.

4. Take vloggers on as brand ambassadors.
If you have a vlogger that has already been positively talking about your brand, try to develop your relationship with them. Managed carefully, this relationship could have benefits not only for your brand, but also for the vlogger.

5. Become a brand vlogger.
Few brands have mastered the art of vlogging. You certainly need someone with an effervescent personality, who is great on camera, to covey your brand as effectively as possible.

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