To stand out in paid search and biddable media requires constant innovation, data-led insights and creative planning. This is particularly the case in highly competitive sectors, where the competition for visibility can drive up costs, as well as in largely seasonal markets.

Stickyeyes has invested significantly in software that allows us to optimise paid search campaigns based on a variety of factors, ranging from organic search ranking through to weather forecasts and television schedules. Using this data, we are able to ensure that our campaigns have the optimum visibility at the most critical points in time, increasing visibility when search traffic is expected to be high, whilst reducing visibility or even pausing campaigns when search activity is lower, or when an advertiser is ranking organically.

So how does our paid search script work?

Organic Search Rankings


Ranking highly in organic search allows a paid search campaign to decrease in aggression for that respective keyword. If a brand ranks organically for a key term, it is prudent to optimise and measure ads on that term and/ or reinvest budget into other terms.

Our custom Paid Search script allows automated adjustment of a PPC bid strategy based on natural SEO rankings, using a model that sets parameters for the optimal blend of paid and organic positioning in any given market. For example, it may be that the ideal cost/benefit mix is position three in PPC when the natural ranking is first.

Our system automatic performs a Google search every two hours (although this can be increased if necessary) and returns the natural ranking for your high volume target keywords. Based on your current position, the software will automatically adjust the PPC bid amounts to achieve the optimum position.

Local Weather APIs


Our custom script allows paid search to be influenced by local weather in a given location, allowing brands in highly seasonal markets to optimise their campaigns when search volumes are likely to be influenced by weather conditions.

Our search specialists set the parameters for each market, reviewing online sales against historic weather to see the correlations between warmer, colder or rainier conditions and increased sales. Using this data we can automatically increase or decrease bid levels, or activate specific ad creative, to suit the real-time weather conditions in any given location.

Television Schedule Optimisation

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For brands that have specific television advertising campaigns, we can use custom scripts to increase visibility in relation to television broadcasts.

This is extremely powerful for brands that are launching a new television ad campaign, brands that are sponsoring a programme or a brand that may be having a product featured live on air.

Using this script, we can activate specific ad creative or increase visibility during periods when your brand or products are likely to see an uplift in search, influenced by television content. This script can be applied either nationally or regionally.

Want to learn more?

These applications are just three of the many possible opportunities provided by Stickyeyes innovative custom scripts. To find out what opportunities exist for your brand in paid search and biddable media, get in touch.