Facebook parts with Bing, Twitter’s CEO offloads shares and Sony’s Google Glass rival. This is your week that was.

Facebook unfriends Bing

facebook search

Facebook has officially dropped Bing search results from the service.

The partnership, which saw Bing search results displayed alongside social queries in Facebook, has come to an end after Facebook unveiled a new search tool on its own site that will allow users to search previous posts.

The move is widely expected to signal an increased focus from Facebook on search and developments in its Graph Search engine. Graph Search let users ask natural questions, such as “find restaurants in London”.

Investor slams Twitter CEO

A leading investor has told Business Insider that Twitter CEO Dick Costello “should not be running the company anymore” after it emerged that Costello has sold 500,000 of his shares in the company.

Twitter was floated on the NYSE in November 2013 but has performed poorly on Wall Street since then. Shares peaked at 69.00 in January 2014 but have fallen to just 37.04 on 19 December.

The unnamed investor has accused Costello of “grabbing the lifeboat” and suggested that the move indicated that he had “lost the respect” of employees.

Twitter recently announced a raft of changes that would be coming to the site in the coming months, including the implementation of an algorithm for the first time.

A Twitter spokesperson told Business Insider, "Dick has sold shares under a plan filed in the summer and his total sales represent less than 10% of his total equity in Twitter."

Google to put Android into cars

android audo

Android could be powering the navigation and entertainment on your next car, with Google planning an automotive version of its Android operating system that will be installed directly into vehicles.

The software will be designed to run the in-car GPS and entertainment systems, but could also be used by Google to gather data on people’s driving habits.

Current versions of Android Auto requires a phone to be plugged into a compatible car with a built-in screen.

Google didn’t comment on the reports, which came from Reuters, and no details exist of any car manufacturers who have signed up to the idea, but it is expected that the new version could start appearing in vehicles in 2015.

Sony launches a Google Glass rival…


Sony has taken the wraps off its latest wearable tech offering, which puts the company in direct competition with Google Glass.

Sony said that its Single-Lens Display Module projects images and information into the wearer's vision on one side of the specs.

Google’s offering has largely failed to appeal to the public but Sony believes that it can corner the market with its offering. Whilst Google Glass requires users to purchase the full headset, Sony’s offering will clip on to a user's own sunglasses or sport goggles – which should keep costs down (although there are no price details emerging as of yet).

The device will make its debut at CES in Las Vegas next month.

… while Steve Wozniak criticises wearable tech


Whilst Sony is getting in on the glasses act, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has branded Google Glass as technology that, whilst brave, “makes no sense in terms of what it does”.

Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, Wozniak said: “When I see people wearing it, I also think they are cool because they are brave enough to play with the future with a device.

“[But], in my mind, it is a great product that will not succeed.”

Wozniak also claimed that the current offering of smartwatches was “disappointing”, and that they should never replace a person’s phone.

He did, however, praise Apple CEO Tim Cook for launching the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.