facebook notifications

Facebook’s latest innovation will use location targeting to alert users when an event is taking place near them – providing they already like the page that is running that event.

The feature, Facebook believe, will make it easier for users to follow events involving people that they are avid fans of, such as gigs being played by bands or comedians, but it also opens up opportunities for brands looking to attract people to their own events. For example, subscribers to a brand page could be notified directly if they are nearby a store that is hosting a promotional event.


The feature is an opt-in service on a page by page basis, so there is a clear onus on brands to encourage users to activate the feature on their particular page. Users will have to navigating to the Events tab on the page of their choice, and clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button which has the little RSS logo on it.

If your brand hosts events on a regular basis, particularly in multiple locations, make sure that you let your followers know about this feature so they’ll be notified the next time one is about to take place.