We’re making some changes, because we want to keep bringing you the latest information and advice to help you with your digital strategy.

We want to keep sharing the advice, opinion and insight that can help you to get more from digital. That’s why we’re making some changes, and introducing some brand new video series that are designed to help you enhance your campaigns and strategy. We’ve got a few things still up our sleeve, but we’re lifting the curtain on two brand new concepts.

We’re going In Conversation on the big trending topics

In Conversation is where we’ll tackle the biggest issues and talking points in the world of digital marketing, search marketing, content, social media and e-commerce.

Every month we’ll get two experts from the Stickyeyes team to tackle a burning issue facing marketers in the world of digital, providing their insight and opinion to help you make sense of these key topics.

Whether it’s an emerging trend, a hot discussion point or the fall-out from a major event or announcement, we’ll provide our in-depth analysis to help you make the right decisions.

Top tips and tricks in Friday Five

Every second Friday, we’re bringing you our Friday Five. From top tips, tricks and hacks, through to trending topics and the latest news, we’ll condense it into five key points.

Presented by people from across Stickyeyes, we’ll bring you practical actions that you can implement to enhance your campaign and strategy, as well as discussing the big developments in the digital industry.

What about Digital Minute?

You may remember our video series Digital Minute, a 1:11 look at some of the key issues in the world of digital marketing. The series ran for just over four years, and clocked up 117 episodes.

But whilst we know that Digital Minute had a loyal following, we felt that it was time to change. Many of the topics that we spoke about in Digital Minute could be very detailed and complex and it’s difficult to fairly deal with those issues in the space of 71 seconds. We wanted to give these issues the time and consideration that they deserved.

So Digital Minute is no more, but what we have instead is a much more in-depth review of those key issues that impact your digital performance and can influence your online strategy.

We’ll still be talking about these issues both on our blog and as part of our new video series, but we’ll be doing it in much more detail to make sure that we’re dealing with those issues – and what they mean for you – in the best way possible.

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