Charlie Grasby’s top five tips explains how to get the most from social media ads, how to avoid making those common social media mistakes and how to spend your money in the right places.

How do you get the most from your paid social media advertising campaign? How can you use promoted posts and social media ads to get your message to your audience and overcome the algorithms, without wasting that all-important ad spend? How do you get started with social advertising?

Set clear objectives

So when thinking about paid social media campaign campaign you need to start with your aims and objectives. It so easy to look past this and you'll be amazed at how many advertisers do.

When it comes to measuring performance and you haven't got any aims the objectives, what actually measuring?

It's not uncommon for advertisers to have multiple objectives. Often the best campaigns do.

This process is about making sure that you structure your objectives to make sure users are going from awareness through to conversion in that clear user flow. This all may sound simple but we can't stress how important it is to set clear objectives right at the start of your campaign.

Know your audience

A whole range of people use social media so it's important that you target those who are most crucial to your business.

Like with every marketing campaign you want to target those who engage with your brand the most. So know your customers DNA. How do they behave online? What are their traits? What are their values? But most importantly, what drives them to engage with your brand?

These are the questions that you need to answer to make sure that you can correctly segment your audience to target them effectively.

The right content

By segmenting your audiences you can start to think about what messages you want to push to these audiences. Because we have so much information on who we can target it can be really specific and really tailored and relevant in our ads.

For example, you've created a brand new healthy snack and you want to focus on those people who are young, athletic, go to gym and want to know the protein value of that snack. But also you want to focus on families who have children and strong family values, so you want to focus on the nutritional value of that healthy snack and how it can benefit children.

The content might be different if you're trying to drive sales or if you're trying to drive awareness, but you can only create relevant content if you can correctly segment your audiences and outline your objectives right at the start.

The right channel for the right campaign

Making sure you choose the right channel for your social media campaign is crucial.

Review your objectives, take data from your audiences and remove your content to make sure that you choose the right channel for you.

Facebook, Twitter Snapchat and Instagram are just some of the channels that you can use, but it's crucial that you put in this work before you get to this stage to make sure that you're using the right channels that will benefit your campaign.

Make sure you use all the features available on these channels and that you're adhering to best practices for each channel to get the best performance out of them.

Measure performance against your original objectives

To understand how your campaign is working you must have a complete view of performance. This was likely to include an attribution model, which will give you an idea of where each channel sits on that user funnel.

This will allow for smarter optimisations and it will allow you to refer back to your original objectives to see how you have performed against them.

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