We recently held our first ever 40x40 event - 40 designers each sharing a top tip, for a maximum of 2 minutes - as part of Leeds Digital Festival 2019.

We had no idea how the event was going to go but, we were absolutely blown away - both by the speakers willingness to get involved in a previously untested concept and, the audience's willingness to sign up and attend (although they may have been swayed by the pizza and beer on offer!).

The event that followed (which could have sold out three-times over) was an opportunity for us all to learn from the advice and insight of some of the city's amazing creatives.

So, what did we learn?

Regardless of your background, length of experience or seniority, everyone else isn't as good as you think they are and you are not your job title.

Don't just be a 'yes man'. Offer the right solutions to clients, be a problem solver and remember, that your creativity isn't limited by the brief .

When designing, regularly preview your designs in an actual browser or device - not at the end and remember that every pixel needs to be there for a reason.

But, it's not all about work! Find your inner sanctuary, the importance of having a side project and the freedom that can bring. Don't forget to take a break, exercise regularly and get the balance right.

Many thanks to all our speakers and attendees for their time. For those that couldn't get tickets, you can see all 40 tips in our event video or download the slide deck now. And, keep an eye on our blog for our next 40x40 event in the Autumn.

Slides from Stickyeyes 40x40 design event. Leeds Digital Festival 2019. from Stickyeyes