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How to create an effective PR survey

Want to create media buzz from a survey? Find out how to plan, execute and analyse the data from a PR survey to get the best bang for your buck.

Feb 1st 2021

by Joseph Marczynski


Why digital PR is on the agenda when it comes to SEO

The role that digital PR plays in the context of SEO strategy has been thrust into the limelight following a tweet from Google’s John Meuller. For Google’s search advocate, digital PR should not be seen as some “spammy kind of link building” but instead, a critical part of search engine marketing.

Jan 27th 2021

by Chloe Rushworth


Finding the killer angles for your outreach campaign

Just how do you find that crucial angle to cut through the noise and get your story heard? In the crowded media market, it needs smarter thinking to ensure that your outreach campaign is a success. 

Feb 6th 2019

by Aimee Sutcliffe


5 Steps to Creating an Invincible Data-Driven PR Strategy

Data is a huge source of stories that your brand should be utilising. Here’s how you make your data work as an invincible PR machine.

Feb 10th 2016

by Scott Malthouse


Five questions that your PR agency should be able to answer

Is your PR agency giving you the full picture on digital, or do your results tell a very different story? Here are five questions about digital that your traditional PR agency should be able to answer.

Jan 12th 2016

by Ellie Wray


7 PR mistakes that brands are still making

The days of sending out a press release and waiting for the coverage to roll in are gone. It’s safe to say for our generation, PR has become much more complex than ever before.

Oct 14th 2015

by Chloe Rushworth


Stickyeyes receives two nominations at PRide Awards

We are delighted to have received two nominations at the PRide Awards Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, with our Head of PR Jess Maccio being nominated for Young Communicator of the Year.

Aug 1st 2014

by Michael Hewitt


Why PR needs to talk with SEO

May 20th 2014

by Stickyeyes