The Project

As a family-run business, instantprint had big ambitions. They wanted wanted to take on the key players in the highly competitive printing sector and dramatically increase brand visibility, awareness and revenue, as well as enhance rankings and revenues for some incredibly competitive industry terms.

The targets were extremely ambitious. We were tasked with addressing the brand’s low visibility and delivering a 500% increase in non-brand organic search traffic, a 250% increase in organic non-brand revenue and a brand revenue uplift of 100%.

With big targets and expectations, as well as some fierce competition in the UK printing sector, we had to devise a digital marketing strategy that matched our client’s ambition

Our Solution

To achieve these goals, we implemented a digital marketing campaign that incorporated major technical changes to the instantprint site, a revamping of the content structure and a major creative campaign that would increase brand reach and create new brand advocates.

Working closely with the instantprint development team we were able to effectively implement a number of technical SEO changes to address various key barriers to improved organic rankings.

Over the course of 12 months, we developed further product pages for the site and a company blog to increase site content, keyword density / relevancy and to produce fresh information, in line with modern SEO best practices.

In order to enhance rankings and increase brand profile, we also devised a number of digital marketing strategies around selected high profile events, including London Fashion Week, and targeted key online influencers in multiple sectors. These ranged from food bloggers through to comic book fanatics. This introduced the instantprint brand to a number of audiences that were previously inaccessible, dramatically increasing brand awareness and securing natural, high quality referrals.

non-brand revenue growth

What we achieved

As a result of our activity, instantprint saw ranking, traffic and revenue increases that exceeded expectations.

Within the space of 12 months, we had taken instantprint from non-ranking positions to top-three positions for 22 of the 25 targeted high-volume keywords, including 11 number one positions.

This translated into an average non-brand traffic uplift of 1,660%, easily surpassing the 500% target. Traffic peaked during the month of October, with a 9,494% uplift. Brand related traffic also increased, with an overall 183% increase.

All of this activity delivered an incredible ROI for the client, with non-brand revenue increasing 4,900% year on year, easily surpassing the 250% target, whilst brand revenue grew 245% YoY.