The Project

The introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting, to be imposed on larger UK employers in 2017, presented a significant opportunity for KPMG. It had a proposition that would support organisations through this legislation, and it needed to get its message across.

What we developed was a complete content-led digital engagement strategy that would drive high-value leads of HR professionals at large organisations, help the client to better understand its own data, and allow it to reach the audiences that mattered.

Our Solution

A core pillar of our lead generation strategy was credible, authoritative content that would engage the KPMG target audience.

We worked with the client to produce a whitepaper on the issue of Gender Pay Gap reporting, which would raise awareness and provide a level of guidance on this new legislation for Director-level HR professionals at large enterprises and organisations in both the public and private sector.

Having produced content that would engage with the target audiences, we needed to ensure that we could reach those audiences on the right channels, at the right time.

We built detailed audience personas to identify precisely where the KPMG audience was digitally active, how they behaved, and how they engaged with content online, and these personas allowed us to deploy intelligent content distribution techniques across email and social media channels.

We performed a thorough clean-up and segmentation programme to ensure that each and every contact within the client’s database could be reached, with the right content, at the right time.

What we achieved

By following this lead generation roadmap, we were able to deliver qualified leads that were well ahead of the client’s expectations.

Our activity resulted in a lead volume that was more than 216% ahead of KPI, ensuring that the client was able to add both significant volume and quality to its B2B marketing and sales pipeline.

  • 55%

    reduction in cost per lead
  • 216%

    leads generated ahead of KPI